About me

Welcome lovely. Come on in, pull up a chair and have a cup of tea and a biscuit. Just don’t eat all the hobnobs, they are my favourite!

Thanks for stopping by my page. Apparently I am supposed to use this area to tell you a little about me so here it goes….

I’m Dee and I live in Kent, the sometimes sunny south of the United Kingdom.

I’ve been happily married for 8 years this year, and we have two wonderful and completely unique kids who are currently 9 and 6.

I’ve done numerous jobs over the years, but by far the hardest has been giving up regular 9-5 work and raising my little family, which I have done full time for the last 9 years, alongside obtaining a Humanities degree with the Open University.

I have loved the written word ever since I learned to read, and have been writing since I was around 8 years old. It looks like my eldest child is going to follow in my footsteps.

I love foreign travel, books, movies, good wine, good food and good conversation.

I have a very successful business as a freelance copywriter, content creator and marketing consultant. I love pretty much everything about my job and consider myself incredibly lucky to have a job I enjoy.

This blog contains everything from the serious to the obscene and everything in between. I hope you enjoy!

Dee 🙂


  1. Thanks for the follow! Good luck with your new blog. I subbed you back, and it should be fun to watch you settle in on blogging. You’ll do just fine and don’t be discouraged by lack of readers at first or a slow build up of followers. These things take time, and take off once you settle into a style all your own!

    On the other hand, there are people who start one, and have hundreds of followers in short order! They are exceptional.

    One thing that helps bring you readers is ticking categories. Of course, you will have to create your own category labels, for example: children, raising good kids, surviving kids. You know better what general topics you’ll regularly write about, and as your style establishes itself, you’ll think of new categories to add. Also, be sure to add tags. These can be a lot more specific, and they, too, help draw people in.

    Another thing that’ll help you expand your readership and followers is following other blogs of interest. Many of the best blog finds I had were blogs I found randomly looking at blogs other people showed as “Blogs I Follow” as one of the the sidebar topics on their blogs. If you like a blog, there’s a good chance you’ll find you like some of the blogs their creators follow, too!

    If you can, write daily or on a regular schedule. If you post frequently or at predictable intervals, you increase the chances someone will find your blog, like it, and sub it. There may be days you don;t feel like posting, which is OK, too, but try to avoid the habit of not posting.

    Hope any of that helps!

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    1. Hi Tom, I say copywriter – am in the early stages of my career. Recently wrote a couple of taglines for cancer awareness, only small stuff, but hoping to build an online profile and eventually – perhaps when I retire – get paid for it! Will give you a follow, lovely to “meet” you! Dee 🙂


      1. Hi! I did the ad agency route. “The horror…the horror” I’m now a blog writer. Much more fun! Doesn’t pay as much, but if you build up a good clientele and can make “hammers sound sexy” (those were the client’s words) it’s a fun life. Plus you get to work from home, which I appreciate right this moment, as we have snow storm going on outside.

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      2. I have no idea how you even get into the realms of getting paid to blog about stuff, but I’m pretty sure I can make hammers sound sexy so maybe there is a future for me yet. Entering a few fiction writing competitions too and an idea in the pipeline for a series of children’s books #Icandream
        Snow sounds more fun than freezing fog…. but only just!

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  2. I have been to Kent, in the ’80’s. I forget why exactly I went, but no matter. I lived in Cambridgeshire. Good days, long past. Your blog and you are far different than I and my blog, but a few of my “friends” stopped by, so I thought I would too. Thought I would give you another blip on your statistics. Have a good weekend.

    Greg and his cats


      1. What I do is complete my response first. Then, I copy the URL of that response and visit all of my nominees. When I post in their comments section, I paste the URL with a notification that they’ve been nominated. I hope that this helps!



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