Cutting the string… the diary of a yo-yo dieter

Confidence is Beauty & Beauty is Confidence

I saw this on Facebook today and had to share it. I’ve seen so many friends constantly put themselves down because they aren’t happy with their body. If you aren’t happy then by all means work to make yourself happy.


Putting yourself down all the time isn’t sexy, beautiful or endearing. It’s downright annoying and can be perceived as attention-seeking. Your true friends will love you no matter your shape or your size. I know I’m carrying a bit of extra weight still, but I also know I’m fabulous on the inside and that is ultimately what counts. 

Confidence is Beauty and Beauty is Confidence. Hold your head up high.  


Throw back Thursday Thinspiration

I found a picture on my old hard drive the other day which I thought would be great for Throwback Thursday – it’s one of my “Thinspiration” pics!

If you aren’t familiar with Thinspiration it’s what people like me who are trying to lose weight look at to motivate us – it’s usually a pic of a time when we liked our size/shape.

Anyway, this is my #tbt Thinspiration pic – I was 19 and on holiday in Crete, and it was a few hours before we had an earthquake! 

I was a size 10 albeit not very toned as I’m sure you can see! 

Post kick-fit update

Well needless to say I didn’t have the energy to blog Friday night, post kick-fit.

The class was really good, but really hard going in places. Now I know I’m not fit, but I didn’t realise how badly unfit I still am.

It started off with walking, stretching, some light jogging (which felt to me more like running!), some other aerobic moves and OMG …… burpees! Now I CANNOT do burpees at all. I have zero upper body strength, heavy boobs and I could only do a few before having to stop. Apparently burpees are a regular part of the class though so I am clearly going to have to shape up or ship out. I may start practising in the week…. once I stop hurting!

The boxing element of the class was great, I’m a big fan of getting the frustration out!

We also did a little circuit training which was fun, required effort but didn’t completely kill me, and I found a great exercise to tone up the old bingo wings!

Aching like a bitch yesterday and today – mostly in my arms and shoulders! Hopefully I will be fully recovered ready to go again on Friday!


Tonight I am going to try….


I know I said I wouldn’t be back until I weigh in on the 11th of May, but I thought I would pop on quickly whilst I am eating my lunch.

In my bid to find a little more time for exercise in between my busy work schedule and my demanding little family I have been persuaded to go along to a Kick-Fit class in my local town tonight. A friend of a friend runs it, its an hour long and apparently it combines aerobic exercise with kickboxing elements. Should be interesting!

I always get a bit nervous at classes as I always think people are judging your size/weight/fitness levels, but then I remind myself that we are all there for the same reason and they are probably worried about how they come across too! Anyway I have managed to rope a friend into coming along as well, so if I look like a tit then she will too – specially as she is not known for her grace! (Sorry Hanna!).

I will update y’all later as to how it goes. That’s if I don’t keel over!

Bantam, out oxoxo

Cutting the string update

Hello lovelies!

I have been neglecting my blog a lot lately and for that I am sorry. I have been pretty much working non-stop setting up my business and work orders have been coming in thick and fast. It’s also been Easter holidays and so my terrors have been at home for over a fortnight, meaning I have been struggling to keep all the balls in the air.

We haven’t done a weigh in in a little while as the weight loss seems to have plateaued and it was getting depressing only seem very small amounts each week, so instead we decided to weigh in less often at the moment. I am going to do my next weigh in on Monday 11th May so just about 3 weeks away, and hopefully I will have a significant loss to report. Fear not though, I am still hovering somewhere between 12st 12 and 13st 1lb which is where I have been for the last month. The string of this yoyo is still firmly cut!

The plateau has been a little hard going to say the least, I keep trying not to feel like crap and then something happens and I still feel like a whale. However today I tried on most of my summer clothes ready for my holiday in May and I was extremely pleased to see that the shorts I was wearing last summer are now falling down……

shortsapr152 shortsapr15

That has given me a massive boost and I am happy to resign these pairs to the charity bag! I can also get on my size 14 denim shorts that I love again, so am really pleased about that too!

I have fallen off the exercise wagon due to lack of time the last month or so, but I am determined to make even just 20 mins every day for a little bit of cardio or resistance training.

I will see you back here on the 11th May where I will hopefully be reporting a nice weight loss!

Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Dee xoxoxox

Baggy Trousers!!! 

No, not the song but my jeans! I have finally had to give up wearing my size 18 jeans as they keep falling down and look ridiculous! 

The 16s are still a little snug (thanks shops for your inconsistent sizing!) but I am so pleased to say goodbye to size 18 forever!!

Here’s a few pics of the offending trousers! 



6 weeks tomorrow I’ll be jetting off to Tenerife for a few days away with the girls, I’m really hoping to get another half-stone off between now and then!!  

Wish me luck!

Dee xoxoxo 

Another weigh in…..


Weigh ins have been a little hit and miss lately with one thing and another, so I thought I had still better do an update!

Unfortunately I have just been too busy to get back on the exercise wagon, but the weight is still slipping away, albeit a little slower, so I’m not too worried. Hopefully when work quietens down a bit then I will have a bit more time on my hands!


5th January       14st 10 3/4lb

12th January     14st 1 3/4lb        loss 9lbs!

19th January     13st 12 1/2lb      loss 3 1/4lb

26th January     13st 9 1/2lb       loss 3lb

2nd February     13st 8 1/4lb       loss 1 1/4lb

9th February      13st 5 1/4lb      loss 3lb

16th February    13st 3 1/2lb      loss 1 1/4lb

23rd February    13st 6lbs          gain 2 1/2lb

28th February    13st 2.5lbs       loss 3.5lbs

10th March         13st 1.5lbs      loss 1lb

23rd March         12st 13lb         loss 2.5lb

Hubby’s WLJ

5th January       22st 2 1/2lb

12th January     21st 4 1/2lb      loss 12lbs!

19th January     20st 13 1/4lb    loss 5 1/4 lb

26th January     20st 10 1/2lb    loss 2 3/4 lb

2nd February    20st 10 1/4lb    loss 1/4lb

9th February     20st 5 1/4lb      loss 5lbs

16th February   19st 13 1/4lb    loss 6lbs!

23rd February   20st 1 1/4lbs    gain 2lbs

28th February   19st 10 1/4lbs  loss 5lbs

10th March        19st 13 1/4lbs  gain 3lbs

23rd March        19st 5 3/4lbs    loss 7 1/2lbs

I’m so pleased to be back in the 12s, even if it is only just! It’s 8 weeks until I go to Tenerife with the girls so I am really really going to try and see an 11 on the scales by the time I go!!!