Getting under the skin of Psoriasis

So I read this article in the newspaper this morning

And I just wanted to do a quick blog about it because I am full of pride and support for this amazing lady. Not just because she is incredibly strong but because I know her story – I know it because I have lived it.

Whilst I am not going to give you a full biography of my life with psoriasis, I will give you the bare bones of it.

I have suffered with psoriasis since I was 3yrs old. All through both primary and secondary school I was teased relentlessly by certain individuals who told me that I was ugly, that I had “the lurgy” etc. They told other kids not to hang around with me or they would catch it too.

My teenage years were the worst. I hated school. I had very few friends, I had absolutely no self confidence or self belief. Puberty made my psoriasis even worse and much of my hair fell out. I hid my skin under long sleeve blouses and tights that itched the hell out of me but were better than having my skin on show.

All through this time I was back and forth to the hospital, trying every possible treatment under the sun. Dozens of different steroid creams, soaking in coal tar baths, being smothered in emollients and wrapped in bandages. I couldn’t wait to leave school at 16 so I went to college instead. Unfortunately things weren’t much better there.

When it came to the world of work I was lucky to be able to get good employment, but one employer made my life very difficult. When my skin got so bad due to the stress of working there and I was hospitalised with life-threatening erythrodermic psoriasis, I was “let go”.

In my early 20s my skin started to improve a little and so I changed – I had a small circle of friends, I became outwardly confident to make up for the fact that inside I was still nervous about rejection.

My tale has a happy ending though. When I was 23 I met my now-husband. Granted my skin was mostly under control at the time, but there have been times when I have been suffering badly with it, particularly during my pregnancies when it is not possible to take drugs to keep it under control. But my husband is amazing – he has only ever seen ME and not my skin. To the point that he only really notices if it has flared up because of the way that it affects me – the itching, the slight depression that accompanies it worsening.

So now, 2015 and I am a happily married mum of two – which during my teenage years felt like something I would never achieve. I am still taking strong chemotherapy drugs which – touch wood – are working well to keep my skin under control. I can’t remember the last time I felt the necessity to cover my face with a scarf or my arms with a cardigan.

And whilst I am nowhere near as brave and strong as this beautiful lady is, I can honestly say that I am over hiding away. The important people love me no matter how my skin looks.

So I applaud this amazing lady for being so confident, so strong and so inspiring. She proves that true beauty is a whole lot more than what is on the outside.

If you would like further information on psoriasis then I can highly recommend that you check out

Thanks for reading

Dee xoxox


The Only Way is Essex – Pubs, Hen Nights, Live Music & More!


Hello fellow bloggers!

Yet again I have been AWOL a fair while – this time owing to a combination of work and the dreaded summerholigeddon (2 weeks down, 3 and a half to go!). However I thought I would pop on and share with you one of my ongoing jobs that I am absolutely loving at the moment!

A while back now I started a contract providing blog posts for a website called iHeartEssex which is all about, yep you guessed it – Essex (UK for any of my readers across the puddle or the pond!). Its a fantastic website which looks at all of the best social aspects of life in Essex including the best pubs, clubs, restaurants, events, live music venues and more.

With the popularity of a reality TV show known as TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex) we also decided to focus on how to do a girls night out TOWIE style by visiting some of the salons, restaurants and clubs featured in the show. This blog post has been way popular so I thought I would share that, and a couple of the others, here with you. If you want to give them a sneaky share yourself then that would be awesome too 😉

The Only Way is Essex – How to do a TOWIE Style Girls Night Out!

Best Pub Gardens for Families in Essex

Best Live Music Venues in Essex

Hopefully once the gruesome twosome are back to school then I can get back to my regularly scheduled programming!

Thanks for stopping by!

Dee xoxo

Embrace your flaws! 

Stolen this off a friends Facebook page this morning because I absolutely love it. I love it because it is totally true, and not just about physical flaws but personality flaws too. Learning to accept yourself, warts and all, will give you peace, stop you being so vulnerable, and stop you judging others imperfections. 

Unless you can truly accept and love yourself, how can you expect anyone else to? 


Confidence is Beauty & Beauty is Confidence

I saw this on Facebook today and had to share it. I’ve seen so many friends constantly put themselves down because they aren’t happy with their body. If you aren’t happy then by all means work to make yourself happy.


Putting yourself down all the time isn’t sexy, beautiful or endearing. It’s downright annoying and can be perceived as attention-seeking. Your true friends will love you no matter your shape or your size. I know I’m carrying a bit of extra weight still, but I also know I’m fabulous on the inside and that is ultimately what counts. 

Confidence is Beauty and Beauty is Confidence. Hold your head up high.  



So I have been neglecting my blog again due to hectic work schedule and two small people being off school for the Easter Holidays, but I read something today and I wanted to blog about it.

On Facebook there was a post shared by a friend of mine about Chrissy Teigen. For those of you who don’t know she is an American model who has been in Sports Illustrated, and is also married to John Legend. And do you know what else… she has stretchmarks!

Yes that is what this post was about, she had shared a pic of her with said stretchies on show, with part of the caption reading “stretchies say hi”. So it’s true, even slim beautiful models like Chrissy Teigen get stretchies. Of course we knew this, but there is still such a taboo surrounding them. People think that they are ugly and try and cover them up. Truth is, real women get stretch marks.

And before anyone says – no this isn’t an attack on people without them. I really don’t give a shit what your skin looks like, trust me, I have had enough of my own skin-related drama’s to be not in the least bit phased by ANY skin condition!

But I do applaud Chrissy for sharing hers with the world, and it got me thinking that if more of us shared pictures of our stretchies then perhaps, just maybe, people wouldn’t feel so bad about them. I certainly don’t want my 8yr old impressionable daughter and my nieces growing up in a world where they may be ashamed or embarrassed of the way that they look. And I also don’t want my son growing up in a world where women are judged and viewed differently based on lines that may or may not appear on their stomach. Obviously this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the whole debate around ‘ideal bodies’ and I will save that for another day.

But coming back to stretchies, I am going to share mine too, because do you know what, they are just marks, they don’t define anything about me, not even the fact that I am a mother as women who don’t have children get them too. They are just marks and I’m not phased by having them. So here is my #stretchyselfie for the world to see.


I encourage all women, no matter what the shape or size, to accept their stretchies and not be fazed by them. After all beauty is not stretch mark deep!


Lucy Bee Coconut Oil – A Health & Beauty Revelation!

Coconut Oil

Hello lovelies – long time no see! I’m sorry I am awol so much at the moment, but I am busy working hard on new freelancing projects!

However I had to pop on and do a quick review of my new “wonder-product”! You know how it is when sometimes you find a product that just blows you away. Well this is my current one.

I have heard loads lately about the benefits of coconut oil, both to use in cooking and as a beauty product. In case you didn’t know, I suffer badly from dry skin, psoriasis and sometimes eczema. It always gets much worse, much drier and itchier in the winter months, probably owing to me having the heating on and drying the air out. I am always on the lookout for new moisturisers, and don’t get me wrong, body butters do the trick for the most part. But I can’t use them on my face without it getting sore.

Ladies and … well probably mostly ladies reading this although if there are any men – no judgement! May I please present you with Lucy Bee’s Coconut Oil. This huge jar cost me £6.99 in Sainsburys and so far I’m not even 1/4 of the way through.

I have used this product for literally everything!

* I have massaged it into my dry scalp, left overnight and thoroughly washed out the next morning – shiny and flake free hair that looks so well conditioned I feel I could star in a L’Oreal advert!

* I have rubbed a cotton wool ball against the hardened oil, and used it as a make up remover. Not only is in incredibly gentle on the skin, it removes make up easily and leaves my face feeling silly smooth. I have to admit I don’t know how well it would work on naturally oily skin, but for dry skin it works great!

* I have used it on my skin as a moisturiser. Scoop out a small ball of it and warm it between your palms before spreading. A little goes a long way! It leaves me feeling moisturised all day long without feeling greasy. It smells like holidays too! Last week both my underarms were extremely dry, cracking and sore. Less than 4 days later of applying the coconut oil twice a day and my underarms are soft, silky, pink and definitely not sore.

* As a cooking oil. Just scoop a little into a pan and heat til it melts, then cook as normal. Much healthier than some alternative oils!

Seriously, I am absolutely nuts about this stuff right now. If you suffer from dry skin or dry skin conditions, give it a try! And even if you don’t, buy some anyway. It will make you look and feel fantastic, inside and out!

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Hello sweeties!

Just popping in to say hi and sorry for being so ignorant lately! I have actually been working very hard on a couple of new projects which I thought I would share with you – I know I know it’s kind of a plug but hey….

I have been working as a featured writer for an awesome website called

SBL is basically your go-to-guide for green living. Whether its Paleo diet recipes, learning about health supplements or making your own cleaning products, SBL has it all!

Here are some links to my latest published articles:

Feel free to stop by and leave a comment if you find any of the articles useful!

Hopefully I will catch up on here over the weekend!

Dee xoxo

My latest project available for FREE download – check it out!


Hello my lovelies and welcome to my shameless plugging blog post!

I’m sorry I haven’t been around as much as usual, but I have been busy working for a new team – the amazing guys at

One of the projects we have been working on is the eBook “The Everything Essential Oils Guide”.

It is currently available for FREE  for a very limited time (until 13th March) on Amazon!!!

I will be quite honestly, I had absolutely no idea how awesome and how beneficial Essential Oils could really be until I started working on this project and I am now well and truly converted!

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I know I am creeping a little, but as this is the first publication I have worked with the team on I really want it to do well!

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Ta-ta for now and thanks in advance!

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