Hello and it’s a c-word kinda week!

I know I’ve been neglecting my blog lately and honestly, I’ve barely had time for a bath (sorry to those locals about the smell!) let alone write something on here. Coincidentally I am writing this whilst in the bath… I can hear the sighs of relief across Kent! 
Anyway it’s been a bit of a c-word week. No not that c-word, a week of needing to hire many c-words… Namely a cook, a cleaner, a childminder and a chiropractor because I have spent so long sat at my desk! And, as my friend pointed out a cocktail maker would be quite handy too. I wonder if I could also get away with a chocolate delivery company, a crepe maker, a cloning machine and Channing Tatum…! Anyway I digress, sadly I cannot afford any of these things. 

As you can probably surmise I have been extremely busy with work. I have been working on a rather large veterinary website content project this week which has taken up a lot of my time. I have also won a contract writing for a fantastic local website which I am really excited about, and I have been recommended to a colleague of an existing client that had a new project to work on. So all in all things are going really well here, I just need to find some time to put some content on my own website!

I haven’t forgotten cutting the string either and am currently working hard to shift the extra pounds I put on whilst on holiday. I will do an update on that shortly! 

Thanks for stopping by! 

Dee xoxo 

Freelancer Life!

I have realised I have been completely neglecting my blog lately, but I promise you it is for a good reason! Since I officially made Freelance Writing my full time career (ok, well not quite full time, but with a house to run and a husband and two kids to look after there doesn’t appear to be much time that I’m not running around like a headless chicken!), life has been even more manic than usual. Don’t get me wrong, I am supremely grateful that I have a job that allows me to sit in my pjs with my hair a mess and no-one knows. I am grateful that I don’t have a horrible commute. I am beyond grateful that I don’t have to get involved in office politics and can be my own boss.

But DAMN, no one tells you how hard this whole “setting up a business” malarkey really is! There is loads of paperwork, loads of things to set up…. and no one pays you for all that! Not to mention the actual work, which is coming in thick and fast. I took on a new client this week that I am very excited to be working with, and they will require two pieces of work each week. On top of my “regulars”! I am also currently working on an eBook for one of my long-term clients, which is a huge HUGE project. I have written nearly 8000 words for that this week alone!

I am currently in the process of sorting out my new website, which I am very excited about. It’s just taking a little longer than I expected, in part because I am a wee bit of a technophone, and also because I am just struggling for the time to do it! Fear not, I will post links up to it when I have finished.

In the meantime, I thought I would share links to my latest published pieces on SoundBodyLife and Feedmybaby






I have also written an article about an awesome product called the Wacom Inkling – an ink to digital pen!


Hope you enjoy them!

I really hope to get back to my regularly scheduled blogging really soon! Be good without me!

Dee xoxo

Half Term Week

HTRoman HTLiv

Hello lovelies!

Just a quick update as I have mostly taken this week off blogging due to it being Half Term. For those not familiar with half-time its basically a week off school in the middle of the term for the teachers to recover, drink wine, and plan the next part of the terms lessons!

So yes, I have mostly taken this week off of writing as I have had my small people at home to look after/referee! And this is what we have done…

Last Friday: the kids had an extra day off owing to a staff skiving(training) day so my mum and I took them to the local pool for a morning of swimming, loosely translated as drowning eachother!

Saturday: hubby had a rare day off work so we took the kids to the kids club cinema in the morning to watch Penguins of Madagascar.

Sunday: I always take the kids to visit their nanna and granddad (my parents) for the day! Hubby went fishing after work!

Monday: We met a friend and her kids at the local park in the afternoon

Tuesday: We went with other friends to the cinema to see “Big Hero 6”, did some shopping, then went to a family birthday party

Wednesday: Eldest munchkin had the dentist, we were supposed to go to the park in the afternoon but lots of naughty behaviour meant that the kids had to miss out and stayed in instead! (Mean mummy!)

Thursday: Hubby took the day off again. I took our daughter to the salon in the morning for her bi-annual hair cut, and we visited our sis-in-law and eldest/youngest niece in the afternoon!

Today: I am taking the kids to the cinema (again) this time Cineworld where they do kids club tickets of old films for £1.50 each – a bargain for 2hrs of entertainment!

Tomorrow I will mostly be making the kids do their homework!

Sunday the pre-tween has a birthday party to go to whilst the boy & I visit the grandparents again!

I bet you are thrilled now you read all that aren’t you!

This week has actually gone very quickly – apart from Wednesday which was the day I spent more time refereeing than any other day!

Hopefully next week I can get back to my regularly scheduled blogging a little more, although I have a maths exam to revise for and also some work has come in that will be requiring some attention!

Hope those of you who have had this week with your kids have survived!

Blogless Thursdays

Just thought it was worth mentioning that the reason I don’t often blog on a Thursday is because it’s hubby’s day off work! For those who don’t know, hubby is self-employed and works a LOT of hours! However he gets most Thursdays and every other Saturday off work so we often spend time together. Eldest child also has Brownies on a Thursday which makes for a manic day!

We’ve just started sorting the kid for bed, and are gonna catch up with some stuff on the box tonight!