All in a days work for a mother & writer

So when I started freelance writing I naively thought to myself that working from home in the school holidays was a huge benefit, and whilst I appreciate that I have saved precious money on childcare, I fear I may well spend said savings on wine, chocolate and dye to cover the grey hairs it is causing!

So far today I have finished sexing up an article about payment gateways (yes really!), played several games of snakes and ladders, broken up countless fights, poured multiple drinks, provided multiple snacks, come up with titles for the chapters of my latest eBook and responded to a load of emails.

Once I have fed the small people who are currently engrossed in How to Train your Dragon 2 and demanding yet more nourishment, I have to  start writing sections for a website for a client based in Dubai, rotate another load of laundry, no doubt break up countless more fights and arguments, write some more articles…. oh and help my 8yr old with her “predator” project for half term for which she wants to make a clay tarantula.

I have thus decided that MY lunch time will be spent researching summer playschemes, and shares in Blossom Hill, Chloroform and Duct Tape.

All in a days work for a mother and writer, now I need to go and get my washing in as it has just started raining again….!

Things I love about my job #1

So I decided to start blogging about things that I love about my job, seeing as it’s taking up most of my blogging time these days!

So I start today with

Things that I love about my job #1 


 I know it’s kind of an obvious one, but I have had some brilliant feedback in the last few weeks. It really does make the job worthwhile, especially if it was a particularly hard article to write, or something new that I had to get to grips with!

 I completed a job for a new client at the start of the week, and the feedback came today… I took a photo of the laptop screen so please excuse the poor quality 

 It was an article that was for a genre slightly outside my comfort zone, so I am so pleased they were happy with it! 

So there you have it, the very first thing that I enjoy about my job! 

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Hello sweeties!

Just popping in to say hi and sorry for being so ignorant lately! I have actually been working very hard on a couple of new projects which I thought I would share with you – I know I know it’s kind of a plug but hey….

I have been working as a featured writer for an awesome website called

SBL is basically your go-to-guide for green living. Whether its Paleo diet recipes, learning about health supplements or making your own cleaning products, SBL has it all!

Here are some links to my latest published articles:

Feel free to stop by and leave a comment if you find any of the articles useful!

Hopefully I will catch up on here over the weekend!

Dee xoxo

One giant leap for the bantam….


Okay, in the grand scheme of things it is probably not a big deal. In face to some of you it’s probably not any sort of excitement…. however, today, I finally, for the very first time, applied for a couple of writing jobs on odesk (as kindly referred to me by my new cat-crazy friend Tom ~ “Hi Tom”). Just some article-writing type jobs, but still, a big “eeeeeeeeek”! I feel a bit like Neil Armstrong might have felt when he landed on the moon, except heavier!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any expectation of actually GETTING them, after all I am relatively new to all this and just starting out. But at the same time, I feel like by at least applying I am putting myself out there – that I want, no damn it – WILL – write for a living in the future. Hopefully just not a distant future!

I guess all it really takes is someone to give me a break. What’s the saying, “don’t be shy, give ME a try”!

Now I just need to keep expanding my portfolio of work, but first – another cuppa!

Starting at the – literal – bottom!

Just a quickie as I wanted to say something about a little teeny exciting thing I did over the last couple of days.

I was on Twitter the other day and one of the pages that I follow is @cervicalscreen1 a page that promotes the awareness of cervical screening and how vital a part it plays in detecting cervical cancer. This is a cause close to my heart as it was during a routine smear test in 2012 that I first discovered I was developing cancer. Anyway, they were looking for creative ideas/slogans to help raise awareness. I quickly came up with a couple of slogans, one of which they decided to put on a poster which they then retweeted out to their 3000+ followers.

From that, I was then contacted by one of their followers – Dr John O’Donohue aka @TheBottomDoc, who was also looking for a catchy slogan to help raise awareness of bowel cancer and bowel cancer screening. I was happy to oblige and came up with a slogan which he then retweeted to his followers.

I am so happy to be able to support these causes in just this little way, anything that raises awareness of cancer and the screening programs available to catch them early is vitally important.

This is the first time I am putting pics into a blog so hopefully this goes well…..

MYccaposter  10892003_10152995602634108_3307370073417673355_n