Shortlisted for a Design Award!


So this morning I woke up to an awesome email! One of my clients in Australia has been shortlisted in the category of “Best App Startup” in the 2015 Design 100 (Australia) APP Design Awards!

My client is HIKE POS – a retail management solution that bridges the gap between selling in store and online. Their service and associated products make retail simple thanks to a user-friendly platform and more features than you can shake a stick at including inventory tracking, employee management and comprehensive analytics.

Hike is a fantastic client to work for and the team has worked really hard to get their amazing business off the ground.

I am also honoured to be listed on their award shortlisting details :

Hike Awards

I am looking forward to getting stuck into more work with them after the summer break!

For more information on Hike then check out their website

For more information on the awards then please check out this link:

Congrats on the nomination to Hiren and everyone else at Hike ūüôā

Supersize. Your. Bras! Brilliant Bras from George at Asda & an appeal to supersize the sexiness!


I just wanted to do a quick blog about the fantastic range of bras that are now available at George at Asda.

Until the end of the last century, bras were, for the most part and want of a better word – boring. Functional – yes, but if you wanted anything that deviated from plain cotton or lace then you were out of luck. And a bigger problem was that the range of sizes was limited. It appeared that the larger your breasts, the plainer the bra had to be.

However the average bra size has increased from a 34B to a 36D in recent years. Whether this is down to the fact that the nation is caught in an obesity crisis, or whether it points to something more naturally evolutional we are yet to see. What is does indicate though is the increasing need for larger and larger underwear to support (ahem!) this change.

So I think of the glorious selection of bras that I encountered when I walked into my local Asda store today. As soon as I reached the aisle I was met with glorious technicolour. Purples, greens, animal print, floral, lacy. They had it all. And whilst at the moment they only offer the really vibrant range up to around an E cup, they have really got the potential to reach out to those even bigger breasted ladies who would love to experience the pretty undies that have to offer. Coupled with the fact that they are reasonably priced whilst still retaining excellent quality, underwear from George really does have massive appeal.

On speaking to my friend Bec about my purchase of the bra pictured today, she¬†said that she wished she could shop there for¬† “pretty bras” too. Bec is a H cup – something George are yet to offer.

So if anyone from George gets to read this, this is my appeal to you to SUPERSIZE your bras! Preferably using the stunning contemporary, fun, sexy designs you currently offer. For my friend Bec and all the other beautiful, big-breasted ladies out there who want to feel confident, sexy and most of all empowered by their bosoms.

Supersize Your Bras!