Things I love about my job #1

So I decided to start blogging about things that I love about my job, seeing as it’s taking up most of my blogging time these days!

So I start today with

Things that I love about my job #1 


 I know it’s kind of an obvious one, but I have had some brilliant feedback in the last few weeks. It really does make the job worthwhile, especially if it was a particularly hard article to write, or something new that I had to get to grips with!

 I completed a job for a new client at the start of the week, and the feedback came today… I took a photo of the laptop screen so please excuse the poor quality 

 It was an article that was for a genre slightly outside my comfort zone, so I am so pleased they were happy with it! 

So there you have it, the very first thing that I enjoy about my job!