Where have all the people gone?

You know what it’s like when you read a social media post and something about it just gets under your skin? And then you end up over-thinking and getting wound up and you then can’t get to sleep… or maybe that’s just me.

One of the most difficult things about social media is that you end up comparing your lives to those of everyone else on your friends list. Well that is exactly what happened last night, and it led me to thinking about my life a little and in particular, friendship groups. Or lack of, in my case. This is going to be a painfully honest post so please bare with me.

Lately I have noticed how other people have diverse friendship groups. Work friends, mum friends, old school friends, neighbours they are friends with, friends from clubs they belong to. I don’t. Is that normal? Is that seriously abnormal?

I haven’t maintained real friendships with anyone I used to work with. I gave up work in 2008 after my eldest was born and it was only last year that I returned to work….. as a self-employed freelancer that works from home, so I have clients but no work colleagues. Whilst you may have been out getting legless on the works Christmas do I was sat at home drinking tea and eating my way methodically through a tub of Quality Street!

I have several very close “mum friends” that I made as a result of … yep you guessed it, becoming a mum. And I joined an internet group of mums back in 2006 when I became pregnant with my eldest, but we live scattered across the country so regular meet-ups aren’t possible, it’s starting to fall by the wayside as people’s lives move on, and I don’t really feel I fit in with them anymore anyway.

I have a few “old friends” that I am in touch with, two of them who I speak to on a daily basis and I am extremely close to. But we don’t socialise with our neighbours and I don’t belong to any clubs or have any hobbies (except sleep!).

So my question is, am I the only one? Should I be making more effort to get out there and meet new people and socialise? Or is this relatively normal and if it is, damn social media for making me feel like it isn’t?!

Where have all the people gone?


Dee xxx

The Bantam’s Bedtime Story

I had to share this thought for the day as it’s something that’s important for me to remember right now. I count myself lucky to have a family of very good friends who I love dearly. Thank you to each and every one of them, they know who they are. Xxx