Things I love about my job #1

So I decided to start blogging about things that I love about my job, seeing as it’s taking up most of my blogging time these days!

So I start today with

Things that I love about my job #1 


 I know it’s kind of an obvious one, but I have had some brilliant feedback in the last few weeks. It really does make the job worthwhile, especially if it was a particularly hard article to write, or something new that I had to get to grips with!

 I completed a job for a new client at the start of the week, and the feedback came today… I took a photo of the laptop screen so please excuse the poor quality 

 It was an article that was for a genre slightly outside my comfort zone, so I am so pleased they were happy with it! 

So there you have it, the very first thing that I enjoy about my job! 

Week 5 Weigh In


Thanks for stopping by! We’ve had a brilliant week this week!


5th January       14st 10 3/4lb

12th January     14st 1 3/4lb        loss 9lbs!

19th January     13st 12 1/2lb      loss 3 1/4lb

26th January     13st 9 1/2lb       loss 3lb

2nd February     13st 8 1/4lb       loss 1 1/4lb

9th February      13st 5 1/4lb      loss 3lb                Total loss to date: 19 1/2lbs

Hubby’s WLJ

5th January       22st 2 1/2lb

12th January     21st 4 1/2lb      loss 12lbs!

19th January     20st 13 1/4lb    loss 5 1/4 lb

26th January     20st 10 1/2lb    loss 2 3/4 lb

2nd February    20st 10 1/4lb    loss 1/4lb

9th February     20st 5 1/4lb      loss 5lbs             Total loss to date: 25 1/4lbs

Absolutely chuffed to bits, 3lbs off for me and 5lbs off for hubby. We are both hoping to be in the next stone bracket down in 3 weeks time. For hubby breaking the 20stone mark is going to be a big achievement, and I for one cant wait to see a 12 on the scales! 🙂

Thanks for your continued support!

Cutting the String – little update!


Hello lovely flab-fighters and faithful blog readers!

Just a little update for you all. Unfortunately I am currently out of action on the exercise front. I have pulled something in my hip on my left side and am in pain just walking around, so I have postponed today’s run and am hoping to be able to get to it over the weekend. I was also poorly yesterday. I am missing the exercise a bit which shocks the heck out of me, but I am still trying to tone my upper body a little using my weights.

Cutting the String is still going well and I have been on plan all week. I met friend for coffee this morning and opted for a healthy bag of sweet n salty popcorn (less than 130cal per bag) instead of cake, and I then shared about a third of the bag with my friends adorable 11-month old little boy! We are also meeting friends on Saturday for dinner, but we are going to go to Harvester so we can ensure we stick to plan and eat something relatively healthy – plus I can raid the salad cart too!

I’m really feeling the effects of eating more healthily this week. I am sleeping better, I have more energy and am generally feeling a lot more positive about everything. And the best news of all – my jeans are too big! Back in January I had a pair of Primark high-waisted skinny jeans in a size 18. I could literally just get them on, the top button was far to tight and so I walked around with only 2 of the 3 buttons done up. And now….. well the following pictures can speak for themselves….

jeans3 jeans2

Hurrah – size 18 jeans are too big!!!

I now have plenty of space in them and need to keep pulling the waist up. They are baggy on my still ample arse, and at the backs of the thighs – even after washing! Hubby is also fitting in a tracksuit which was much too tight at the start of January!

One of the best feelings when you lose weight is when your clothes are getting too big!

So that’s my quick update. The 5th weigh in will be on Monday morning so keep your eyes peeled!