Tonight I am going to try….


I know I said I wouldn’t be back until I weigh in on the 11th of May, but I thought I would pop on quickly whilst I am eating my lunch.

In my bid to find a little more time for exercise in between my busy work schedule and my demanding little family I have been persuaded to go along to a Kick-Fit class in my local town tonight. A friend of a friend runs it, its an hour long and apparently it combines aerobic exercise with kickboxing elements. Should be interesting!

I always get a bit nervous at classes as I always think people are judging your size/weight/fitness levels, but then I remind myself that we are all there for the same reason and they are probably worried about how they come across too! Anyway I have managed to rope a friend into coming along as well, so if I look like a tit then she will too – specially as she is not known for her grace! (Sorry Hanna!).

I will update y’all later as to how it goes. That’s if I don’t keel over!

Bantam, out oxoxo

One giant leap for the bantam….


Okay, in the grand scheme of things it is probably not a big deal. In face to some of you it’s probably not any sort of excitement…. however, today, I finally, for the very first time, applied for a couple of writing jobs on odesk (as kindly referred to me by my new cat-crazy friend Tom ~ “Hi Tom”). Just some article-writing type jobs, but still, a big “eeeeeeeeek”! I feel a bit like Neil Armstrong might have felt when he landed on the moon, except heavier!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any expectation of actually GETTING them, after all I am relatively new to all this and just starting out. But at the same time, I feel like by at least applying I am putting myself out there – that I want, no damn it – WILL – write for a living in the future. Hopefully just not a distant future!

I guess all it really takes is someone to give me a break. What’s the saying, “don’t be shy, give ME a try”!

Now I just need to keep expanding my portfolio of work, but first – another cuppa!