The Bantam’s Bedtime Story!!  

A little education about misunderstood children

Every time I read this I dissolve into tears, but as the parent of a ‘misunderstood child’ I feel that it sums her up perfectly.

It is also a good reminder to me when I am feeling less patient with her to try and see the world through her eyes.

Please take a moment to read the poem below, for my daughter and all the other misunderstood children who face a daily struggle against stress, anxiety and the ignorance and judgement of some.

Thank you xxx


The Bantam’s Bedtime Story


Conforming is boring, why stick with the conventional way of doing something when we have newer, better ideas. Even if they don’t work out isn’t it better to push the boundaries of our imaginations and try something new?

And anyway, it’s good to be different. Life gets pretty boring if we all think and act the same way. Don’t be scared to be different, don’t be scared to be you in all your crazy, individual glory! 

The Bantam’s Bedtime Story

There are people you will encounter in life that need rescuing – whether it be from a situation, another person or even from themselves. Sometimes it will be a situation of their own making, sometimes it won’t.

They are floating in an unsafe sea. You want to help them, to reach out and grab their hand to stop them from being pulled under. Sometimes they only need to reach out for you, and sometimes they just need to kick their legs and paddle their arms and swim to safety. But if they don’t reach for you, don’t accept your help, or refuse to propel themselves forwards then there is nothing you can do for them. You can only float alongside them, keeping them company until they choose to act or until the sea takes them away from you.