Bargain Hunting 

so I popped in primark this morning to pick Roman up new boxers, and I can never resist a bargain so I had a little wander around the reduced stuff.

Anyone that knows me well will tell you that I’m never seen indoors – in my house or anyone else’s – without a pair of slippers, but I’m incredibly fussy. I don’t care what the pattern is, but I only like certain styles and because they are the soft-sole type I go through them very quickly, on average a pair every 8-12 weeks!

So I was well chuffed today to go into Primark and see my favourite style of slippers reduced from £2.50 a pair to £1 a pair, and promptly nabbed three pairs in my size! That’s a whole 6-9 months of slippers for only £3 and a saving of £4.50!!

It’s the simple things that make me happy! Bargains should never be underestimated!

Anyway, here is a pic of my bargain slippers!

Shortlisted for a Design Award!


So this morning I woke up to an awesome email! One of my clients in Australia has been shortlisted in the category of “Best App Startup” in the 2015 Design 100 (Australia) APP Design Awards!

My client is HIKE POS – a retail management solution that bridges the gap between selling in store and online. Their service and associated products make retail simple thanks to a user-friendly platform and more features than you can shake a stick at including inventory tracking, employee management and comprehensive analytics.

Hike is a fantastic client to work for and the team has worked really hard to get their amazing business off the ground.

I am also honoured to be listed on their award shortlisting details :

Hike Awards

I am looking forward to getting stuck into more work with them after the summer break!

For more information on Hike then check out their website

For more information on the awards then please check out this link:

Congrats on the nomination to Hiren and everyone else at Hike 🙂

Baggy Trousers!!! 

No, not the song but my jeans! I have finally had to give up wearing my size 18 jeans as they keep falling down and look ridiculous! 

The 16s are still a little snug (thanks shops for your inconsistent sizing!) but I am so pleased to say goodbye to size 18 forever!!

Here’s a few pics of the offending trousers! 



6 weeks tomorrow I’ll be jetting off to Tenerife for a few days away with the girls, I’m really hoping to get another half-stone off between now and then!!  

Wish me luck!

Dee xoxoxo