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If you could give your children one skill that you don’t possess, what would it be?

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Yes it’s random question of the day time….. I might make it a regular feature! But in all seriousness, if you could ensure that your children possessed one skill that you don’t have, what would it be? I’d be really interested to know.

It’s an easy question for me – I would give – and am attempting to give – my children the skill of being able to swim. It might seem a bit of a shallow skill (excuse the pun), it’s not the skill of being a good listener or being able to resolve conflict, or any other admirable quality. However I am a firm believer in life skills, and not learning to swim is one of my biggest regrets in life.

“Why don’t you learn now?”, I hear you all cry. Believe me I have tried. But my total phobia of the water, lack of confidence and general wussiness means that I just can’t. I have tried to learn copious amounts of times. Anyone who hears that I can swim immediately says, “oh I’ll teach you” with a certain air of confidence. That is until they see me in the water and they realise there is no hope. I can’t even swim with a float. The only way I feel remotely safe is in a rubber ring….. and there is no way you are going to see an overweight, 30-something mum flailing about in a rubber ring!

Anyway, I am quite content to sit by the poolside with my kindle and a mai tai. The difference is I can’t relax, because I have two young kids to keep an eye on and I’m petrified about them falling in the pool – especially given how clumsy they both are! Luckily, as you will see from the pics below the kids swimming lessons are starting to pay off. They would pay off a bit quicker if my son didn’t spend most of his lesson with his head under the water doing somersaults!

It’s cost us a small fortune, but my daughter has recently achieved her 20m badge, and my son has achieved his Level 1 award. He isn’t quite swimming on his own yet, but hopefully with time and patience they will both become confident and competent swimmers – who can save me if I fall in the pool!!!