The Bantam’s Bedtime Story


Conforming is boring, why stick with the conventional way of doing something when we have newer, better ideas. Even if they don’t work out isn’t it better to push the boundaries of our imaginations and try something new?

And anyway, it’s good to be different. Life gets pretty boring if we all think and act the same way. Don’t be scared to be different, don’t be scared to be you in all your crazy, individual glory! 

Who do you take after?!

My mother in law has recently unearthed some pictures of her parents and extended family, and we were shocked to see how strong the physical resemblance is between some of the family members. For example my 1yr old niece is the image of her great nan at the same age. My husband and son both looked very much like hubby’s nan’s brother in another pic.

It was really interesting to see physical attributes passed across the family but not always in the most obvious manner. So it got me thinking whether or not our kids resembled me and hubby at specific ages.

I’m not too awesome at photo editing but here is my attempt at comparing some family images….

2015/01/img_1840.jpg 2015/01/img_1892.jpg 2015/01/img_1896.jpg 2015/01/img_1893.jpg

I’ve had a few comments lately that my son is the image of his father whereas my daughter is my twin. I can’t really see it myself but it’s one of those things sometimes where you just can’t see it yourself!!