For my valentine…!

Roses are red
Violets are blue
There are so many reasons
Why I love you

You might be old and cynical
And a little bit of a grump
You can get a little bit moany
And often have the hump

But I’m cynical and moody too
So we are the perfect pair
You put up with me when I’m hormonal
And acting a bit of a mare

You work real hard to provide for us
Whilst I swan around like lady muck
Keeping me in the manner to which I am accustomed
Finding you was a stroke of luck

You listen to me more than half the time
Pretty good going for a man
You remember most of the important stuff
You’ve never had a driving ban

You share looking after the kidlets
Let me have lie-ins too
You are treating me to an amazing holiday
Without the kids and without you

A relationship takes effort
In everything you do
I know you’ll never give up on me
And I’ll never give up on you

So even though you make me crackers
And drive me totally insane
If you asked me to marry you again tomorrow
I’d do it all over again

I’ll love you forever
Even when we are old toads
And buy a Hyundai fart box
And cause chaos on the roads

I’ll love you forever
So I wrote this just for you
To remind you although I’m a cold hearted bitch
I love you, really, I do!